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Uncommon opinions and obscure facts

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Wulf is an iconoclastic, Libertarian curmudgeon. "Hairy" and "gnomish" are also apt descriptions. Wulf is technically adept, philosophically verbose, spiritually content. Possessing an eclectic library of over four thousand volumes, Wulf rarely reads books anymore, but continues to buy books (they make good insulation). Recreation consists mainly of playing wargames by e-mail and posting droll comments on obscure message boards. Can't spell, but keeps a dictionary in most every room. Wulf's wargaming motto is "Overkill is good." As with most Southern men, Wulf is an accomplished master of the grill, having ruined vegetarians with his chicken (Okay, one pregnant vegetarian, but still...), and he is said to make a decent ratatouille. Wulf's cooking motto is "Garlic isn't an herb; it's a vegetable."

Age 55 years. Married. Remarried. Abandoned, divorced again. Two to four cubs. Love them. You ought to get you some of these. Fun. Especially in combination with dogs.

Wulf generally speaks of himself in the third-person, at least until he gets to know you.